Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is the design and installation of a cabling system that will support Firewalls, CCTV Security, and VOIP


Structured Cabling

Total Security Vision's qualified staff installs structured cabling in a variety of business sizes, including SOHO, Mid Sized, and Enterprise.

In Information Technology (IT), structured cabling is the design and installation of a cabling system that will support multiple hardware uses and applications including but not limited to, Firewalls, CCTV Security, and VOIP/PBX Phone systems. A properly structured cabling system provides a comprehensive roadmap for your Information Technology infrastructure.

It is imperative to develop and maintain a well-organized cabling system. This will minimize the risk of errors, simplify moves, additions, and maximize business security while ensuring the most reliable and fastest network speeds possible.

There are many different types of cabling that can be used for a structured cabling system. The most common type of cabling is a twisted pair cable. Such as CAT5e, CAT6, CAT7. This cable is made up of two, or more, insulated wires that are twisted around each other. The twisting helps to cancel out any outside interference that may try to come in on the signal. There are also different types of connectors that can be used with twisted pair cables. The most common type of connector is the RJ-45 connector. This type of connector is used for both data and voice applications. There are also other types of connectors that can be used for data applications only. These types of connectors are typically used in fiber optic applications.

Structured Cabling has exterior applications as well. Many buildings get network/security upgrades, yet old cabling is left to rot and decay. Total Security Vision will test and dispose of all "dead" wires left behind. Leaving you and your business with a clean and neat cabling system inside and out.

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