AI for Digital Marketing

Al for Digital Marketing: All You Need to Know for Your Business


AI for Digital Marketing

Al for Digital Marketing: All You Need to Know for Your Business

You see chatbots everywhere. But you probably don't realize that today's chatbots barely scratch the surface of what's possible.

Artificial intelligence is quickly changing how we think of conversational marketing, email marketing, or marketing via chatbots across websites and messaging platforms.

Today, we think of chatbots as relatively dumb, mildly annoying pop-ups on a site that ask us how we're doing or if we have any questions.

However the reality is that the most forward-thinking companies are using chatbots powered by sophisticated AI to:
Learn from your human reps' best conversations and deploy the most effective elements across automated chat. Automatically answer questions on websites. Contact, qualify, and follow-up with leads 24/7 across chat, messages, and email.

Make no mistake: Marketing is getting a lot smarter thanks to AI.

Use cases for conversational AI that We offer as service:

Website chatbots

AI-powered bots can automatically engage with site visitors in real-time.
Automatically answer common questions in real time.
Answer a broad range of questions using content published on your website.
Eliminate or supplement lead gen forms.
Schedule sales meetings.

AI email assistants

Companies can use AI to engage cold leads, automate engagement with less qualified or lower priority leads, qualify more leads and hand them off as well as execute consistent follow ups with prospects.
Engage cold leads.
Automate emails responses after a specific form or request have been received from website, landing pages or social media.
Pursue less qualified or lower priority leads.
Pass qualified or hot leads off to sales.
Execute consistent follow ups with prospects.

AI messenger assistants

Across sites and messaging platforms, conversational AI makes it possible to have personalized conversations at scale.
Engage in automated conversations to make personalized recommendations.
Educate customers and learn more about them.

How to Get Started with AI in Conversational Marketing:

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